Welcome to Enhance Technical Services Ltd. We provide the following services:

  • Engineering – Service, Support, Consultancy & Process
  • Software Solutions
  • New and Used Equipment Sales

Based in the North West of the UK. Feel free to call us on +44 (0)7852 293999

Engineering Services

With 28 years experience in the PCB Assembly industry, and having specialised in Soldering Equipment support for the last 20 years, Enhance Technical Services can be relied upon to assist with your automated soldering processes all the way from product design review, equipment selection, installation, process set up to maintenance and Training.


  • Wave Solder,
  • Reflow Soldering
  • Selective Soldering Support,
  • SMT
  • Process SupportĀ  & Training.

Software Solutions

  • MES,

  • Machine Interfaces,

  • Bespoke Software Solutions



This is the main part of our business and we have many customers globally (mainly UK then Europe).


KwikTic Software

As the demands of production become more competitive and efficiency, quality improvement and compliance to various traceability standards more important, there is an ever increasing role for automating processes. There has been much talk about the IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0.

We can address many of these issues with various software tools including our standard product KwikTic, but also provide bespoke systems including machine interfacing.

KwikTic is a modular full featured MES (Manufacturing Execution System) specifically for Electronics Assembly. With existing customer sizes from Small 5 person companies to larger multinationals, KwikTic’s modularity enables benefits for virtually any assembly company. You can be up and running within hours.

We provide process monitoring tools for Soldering Processes, ESD Shelving and a range of spare parts.


  • For Wave Soldering, we provide the PROWave analyser.
  • PROfiler – Reflow Soldering Profiling system (6 to 9 channels).

Storage and Trolleys

  • Modular Chrome Shelving,
  • Trolleys,
  • SMD Reel Storage,
  • Angled shelving for Pick Boxes.

Shelving can be sold as full units or individual shelves and other items.