A number of ready made courses are available to enable you to get the most out of your production equipment.

We specialise in Soldering training, PCB Assembly Process and Equipment fault finding.

We also provide custom training to suit your individual requirements.





 Example Courses:

 Wave:  * Wave Solder Process Introduction 0.5 / 1 day
    Wave Solder Process Optimisation (Practical DoE - Theory, Brainstorming, DoE, Proving) 2 / 3 days
    Delta Wave Solder Operation, Maintaining & Process Training (inc. DOE) 4 days
    Vitronics Soltec Delta Wave Training - Operation and Maintenance 2 days
    Wave Solder Process Benchmarking 1 day
 Reflow:  * Reflow Profiling and Process Training (Theory) 0.5 days
    Reflow Profiling and Process Training - Fine tuning your Soldering Process (Theory & Practical) 1 day
 General:  * DoE Approach to Process Improvement (all Processes) 1 day
    Equipment Fault Finding Techniques 1 day

* - Some courses can be carried out on-site or at our own facility in Wigan.

From time to time, we may arrange courses which are open to numerous customers. These help keep costs lower and also provide a networking opportunity with others involved in the similar processes to yourselves.

For further information: Contact David Pickavance Tel: 07852 29 39 99 Email: Service(at)