Software can make can be utilise to help make that difference in many ways. Enhance offers a range of solutions to help Improve Productivity, Quality and Up Time to you shop floor:

  • Assembly Instructions
  • Traceability
  • Defect Logging
  • Test Logging - With closed loop Root Cause intelligence
  • Simple Reporting with immediate KPI visibility

Assembly Instructions

KwikTic Build is used to create step by step instructions for Assembly (Sometimes referred to as Work Instructions).

It is a very visual tool delivering instructions to the operator is a simple un-obscured manor.

In addition to listing a set by step guide, KwikTic is Interactive, allowing the user to see the most important details as they are required. Therefore eliminating clutter and enabling focus.

With the advantage of KwikTic's 'version control', BOM Part Lists are always up to date.

Media (Images, Video Clips, PDFs) are made available to the user to help clarify specific details or as a reminder or certain processes. Media can also be linked to show Generic Information such as MSD data, COSHH safety sheets and other factory documentation.


  • Deliver Relevant Instructions to User
  • Backup with Images, Video, .pdf, etc.
  • Highlight individual Component References
  • Change Views and Instructions as Operator steps through.
  • Print Instructions (Full or Partial)
  • Colour Code Steps


  • Can be used Stand Alone or with Serial Number Traceability
  • Record who placed What Where and When (Requires KwikTic Suite)

Colour coding of parts depending on Which Stage they are assembled

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Watch Video on YouTube


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View All Steps for a given Stage. Stepping through the Instructions displays Media at relevant times. Another example with a video clip.



 KwikTic offer a range of tools and solutions to allow you not only to monitor your processes, but to actually improve Quality and Production throughput. This is done by focusing engineering and management at production issues. On a particular product it can be easy to detect - (but how about common issues with a particular component type - but only inside specific product groups). KwikTic get you to the real issues faster than you could imagine. 

  • Paperless Product Information
  • Assembly Sheet Delivery
  • Monitor Production activities
  • Improve Quality
  • Improve Productivity
  • Traceability
  • Paperless
  • Up to Date Information
  • Centralised
  • Realise the questions you never knew needed asking.
  • Local and Remote Access
  • Scalable
  • Open Database (MS SQL)


Paperless Production Information



Reporting Tools

All this is achieved with minimal operator input. Product is tracked through the various processes with barcodes (or manual entry). Issues are logged with 3 clicks.

As a result, a full picture of your manufacturing activities is available immediately at the touch of a button - from any location where you have access to your intranet.

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BOM and CAD Tools

We have years of experience in data conversion and reporting tools. This has been put to good use with BOM and CAD interpretation / conversion / merging, etc.

Please call us if you have specific needs.

Bridge Factor Calculator

Wave Solder Bridge Factor Calculator helps explain what causes and more importanly what design changes will help you Design for Manufacture better. It will help reduce wave solder bridging.

Flux Sim

Flux Sim is a Simulation and Training software tool for Wave Solder Nozzle Spray Fluxers.

Simply enter the settings from your process and run the simulation. Change the settings in Flux Sim and view the effect on the process.